Stop Shopping Around! Visit for your Custom Coins

Are you looking for the best producers of custom coins? Check out what we, can offer you, in terms of the best quality custom-made coins and best services. We have the best pricing you will ever find in this industry. We include in our offer the expertise of our graphic artists without additional fee for the art and design requirements of your commemorative coins, military coins, police coins, fire department coins or whatever industry you belong to.

We ship for free to any part of the USA. Some other coin makers may charge you for additional mold fees but in our end, if you will order at least 300 coins, we waive the mold fees. We also ensure that you receive your coins in good shape. This is the main reason why we use individual poly bags to pack these precious coins.

Military-CoinsWhat’s more? In case you are not happy with the initial designs, you may ask us to change designs as many as you want until you get satisfied without additional cost. In case you want your coins to have unique styles, not just the usual round shape, we will accommodate your request for custom shapes, also for free. We wanted to make sure that you will be satisfied with our services so that we can be partners for a long time.

Allow us to give you insights on the extent of our versatility in producing custom-made coins here in We do die struck, one-side color or both side color coins. Other options for designing coins that we can produce include antique finishing, glitter enamel, duo-tone metal finish and sequential numbering of coins, to make your coins unique and limited, thereby adding more value to your connection. Also, we can have it molded in the form of keychain attachment or bottle opener, or have it packaged in velvet coin bags to make it more appealing and for added value.

If you are thinking of having commemorative coins designed for special events, we also offer options of having it mounted in Velvet presentation case, or molded in 3D for additional uniqueness. See other options in designs at to get more idea and let us help you enhance the finish of your corporate coins or keepsake.

Our coins metal styles present a wide range of options to best fit the image of our customers. Our metal styles include polished gold or silver metal, polished brass or copper, black nickel and we can even produce two-toned effects for the same metal-types. To add an elegant look for your coins, we can have diamond cut-edges or you may also choose from rope-cut, cross-cut, wave-cut or oblique-cut for the coin edges’ design.

Aside from what we have initially mentioned, we at,, also offer customized packaging to protect your coins for proper handling. We can also include photographs as one of the features of the coins through our off-set printing.

Now, producing commemorative coins is easy for us. We make sure that we understand what design you want by going through these four step process:

First, simply send us your ideas and specifications for the coins. You don’t have to ask or pay for additional graphic artist for your template. Simply tell us what you need, send a copy of your logo, or pictures of what you need to include in the coin design and let our graphic artist work on the design for you. You may send the information to our e-mail address indicated in the contact info.

challenge-coinsSecond, tell us what shape of coins you prefer. Our technology allows us to cut the rounded form of coin to arrive with your desired shape, or we can also create molds for the unique shape of your coin, whatever it may be… we can do it for you. You can also choose shapes from our guide chart as shown in

Third step is to choose the type of metal that will represent the value of your organization. Other than the usual gold, silver of bronze metal, we also have polished brass or copper, and the same form of metals in antique look or appearance.

Lastly, tell us what will be your choices for packaging. Do you need it in velvet pouch, mounted, etc.? Are there other features you want for the coins such us customized edges or would you want to add value by having it designed as key chains, or bottle openers? There are lots of other possibilities for the keepsake coins. We have listed it at the coin options tab of our website.

Junior Golf Equipment Guide III: How To Save Money When Buying Them

Golf is such a popular sport these days that even the kids are starting to get into it! But if there’s one thing that often springs into mind whenever golf equipment is mentioned, it’s that they don’t come cheap—even the junior ones.

GolfAfter all your research on the types of children’s golf tools and equipment and how to choose the best ones for your child, it would be a terrible waste to decide not to push through with introducing your child to the sport. While some parents end up doing this because of budget issues, there still remains some good news for the budget-conscious parent.

Here are some handy tips that you would want to consider if you wish to save a considerable amount of money on your next purchase of junior golf equipment.

Buy Last Year’s Models

There are two facts about old equipment models that you should know. First, they are hardly any different from new models that have been or will be released. Second, they are way cheaper than new models. Many sites will proffer last year’s models because these are what manufacturers often sell in bulk for really huge discounts.

Buy Second-Hand Equipment

Golf EquipmentThere is nothing wrong with buying used golf equipment, especially if you wish to tighten up the budget a bit. This is also apt for children, who can basically be considered beginners in the field. There is no reason for you to spend too much on brand new items when you can opt for considerably cheaper ones offered by parents whose children may have outgrown the equipment or lost interest in the sport.  While it is true that pre-used equipment is no longer in mint condition, they can still be a lot of help for children who are still trying to have a feel of the playing field. There are also many used items that are perfect for those who need tailored equipment because of their size. Second-hand items that are still in pretty good condition can easily be found in flea markets, garage sales, or online shops.

Buy Online

Online shopping still proves to be one of the best ways to purchase practically anything, golf equipment included. Here, you can provide the best offer of golf equipment. As long as you are aware of the size that you want for your golf clubs and other items, it is much more convenient to buy online. The items will be shipped right to your homes, so you can save up on gas since you no longer have to keep driving around until you find the pieces of equipment that you’ve been looking for. Most online shops will offer you a very wide array of options, which is helpful if you still haven’t got a particular type or brand of equipment in mind.

Golf clubsOnline shopping can also be convenient for those who looking for a very particular set, size, or brand of equipment; it only takes a few clicks for them to find exactly what they are looking for. But perhaps the greatest benefit of shopping online is that it is much easier to find equipment for discounted prices. There are a lot of unbeatable deals offered by many online shops for children’s equipment. Whether you are looking for some new equipment or second hand items, old models or newly released ones, online shopping is still the way to go.

The thing with golf is that it is one of those sports that really require you to have a complete set of the right equipment for you to achieve any real progress. To guide your little golfer through the playing field, you have to make sure that he has the right tools and equipment in hand. Now, you can easily do that and not have to worry about overspending. With just the right strategy and enough patience, shopping for the best junior golf equipment deals has never been easier.

4 Golden Branding Tips That Successful Motivational Speakers Do

Your brand becomes your identity in the mind of your audience. A vague brand means vague identity, which is a reason why the careers of some motivational speakers go downhill just after a few months on the podium. If you really want to achieve great heights, follow these tips and prepare yourself for the success and fame to come.

1. Identify your niche and stick with your audience.

Many novice motivational speakers commit the mistake of grabbing every opportunity to earn and gain new followers. It does earn them more and possibly gain them more followers, but are they gaining the right ones?

keynote speakersThis strategy works for the first few months, but without a clear brand and target audience, the audience will eventually wonder what your real intentions and specialties are. Your credibility will be questioned until all the followers you gained in the first few months of your career start to look for “real specialists.”

Limiting your audience means limiting the income opportunities at first. However, a niche does not run out of audience. With a solid marketing strategy and a whole lot of talent, you are bound to expand your audience sooner or later. It is not a quick process, but it pays of big-time.

2. Choose a specific style of speaking when delivering your message.

Motivational speakers are like recording artists. There has to be a specific style of speaking in which they can be identified with to narrow down their possible fan base. Loyal followers are your lifeline in case your career tumbles down in the future, so it is important that you know to whom your style appeal the most.

Eric Thomas is known for his “rough” delivery, but it works because he’s able to identify audiences who like to be spoken with bluntly but honestly. The late Zig Ziglar was known for his “soft” style to embody what a Christian speaker in the cutthroat business world should have looked like.

The style you choose, or rather, most comfortable with, may not please everybody. That is normal. Your goal is to please the people who matter the most to your career—your loyal followers.

3. Plan a permanent set of elements in your speech.

Putting a permanent set of elements in every speech you deliver builds anticipation because the audience get excited of what you have to offer. Doesn’t this lead to predictability? In a way it does, but it’s only going to hurt you if you are not good at it.

Good SpeakerFor instance, the audience may hate hearing you crack corny and sometimes offensive jokes. You do not build anticipation with that. But what if your jokes are a hit all the time? The predictability in this case brings life to anticipation. They know what you are going to do, which makes attending your event exciting, but they do not know what kind of laugh they are going to get.

The elements basically refer to the segments included in your speech. They are your ice breaker, introduction, media presentation, transition, etc.

4. Connect your brand to your fashion sense.

The audience are not too receptive of business attires in motivation speeches anymore. Very formal branding still works fine for a lot of niches, but keep in mind that the general perception about formality is boring. Many people may also find this image intimidating, especially for those who are not in the corporate world to begin with.

Motivational speakers usually have the freedom to express their personalities through their fashion statements. Showing who you are is often part of the message. Look at Eric Thomas and how he goes to every speaking engagement wearing a baseball cap, regardless of his attire, the venue, and the audience. Tony Robbins is also known to wear black everything, from shirts to coats and ties.

Gaining Money from HCG

Human chorionic gonadotropin has become quite popular among those aiming to lose weight. The hormone originates from a woman’s placenta and acts as a bridge used by the mother’s body to pass on all the needed vitamins and minerals to the baby. Being a hormone naturally produced by the female body, it usually brings no serious side effects to anyone who would want to use it as an aid in losing weight.

hcg-diet-planTherefore, it is only natural for other individuals to try their luck in selling HCG (who wouldn’t want to earn a lot of money, right?). If you are one of those who really want to invest time and money marketing this product to the masses, then you must know the proper procedures and approaches that you should do; that’s the only way to become a successful human chorionic gonadotropin seller, and to gain a lot of money in doing this business venture.

Look for a well-exposed location that you can use as your HCG business main office – when you have found a great place that you can use as your company’s main office, you’ll surely be on your way to success. This place will become a vital part of your business because the location you will initially get will serve a lot of purposes, such as being the place where deliveries will go in.

The location should also become a place where your customers can find your office – where they can officially order your products, and engage in other important matters that can affect your company’s existence. You should also remember to find an area where your potential customers can see your office easily; it must be located near a famous landmark so that they can locate your office without too much hassle.

Study all the facts concerning HCG – being armed with sufficient knowledge about human chorionic gonadotropin is the key for you to launch a convincing advertising campaign, which is going to be the key factor in convincing people to patronize your product. Start with finding all relevant information about HCG regardless if it is a good or a bad thing, and absorb all of that information and use it to your business’ advantage.

Another wise idea is to find someone you personally know who is also a user of HCG supplements and convince that person to promote your products. Don’t forget to give him or her special offers and even freebies if he or she agrees to become the primary promoter of the products you’re going to sell.

Create a plan on how you’d want your business to operate – know the required permits and paperwork that you need to accomplish for your business to become legitimate. Always keep in mind that human chorionic gonadotropin is a substance that can’t freely be sold by just about anyone. It’s vital that the products you are going to sell pass various checks. Make sure that you’ve made a good plan to cover all the legal work that needs to be done in order for your business to bloom.

Also, that’s the only way to eliminate worries about when the authorities will shut down your HCG selling operation. You should also come up with a strategic idea on the main methods you want to use in selling this product, putting emphasis on how you’ll balance the number of products you are willing to sell and the number of people who would be able to purchase things from you. You should also keep in mind how much money you should invest in this business venture.

After becoming aware of all those must-dos, one thing should be clear to you by now – for your business to run smoothly and without any kind of delay, you should think thoroughly every step of the way.